What is Molina Salsa?

Molina Salsa is an American-made salsa created from our recipe of tomato sauce, sweet onion, roasted red peppers, minced garlic, habanero peppers and a blend of seasons and spices.

When we make the salsa, we thoroughly blend the ingredients to create a sauce-like consistency, which allows it to serve as a dip as well as an ingredient or base for tons of different recipes.

We started out using the salsa for dipping chips, but before long we were incorporating it into everything we cooked. We love to come up with new recipes to use Molina in and love when our customers send us the crazy things they have used the salsa for (check out a few of them here).

The Birth of Molina Salsa

Molina Salsa is the first product of family business duo, Kenneth Letner (uncle) and Landin King (nephew). Born out of a love for entrepreneurism, delicious food and the simple desire to see a project grow, Molina Salsa is owned and operated by Dan Humphrey and Dawn Cabanas and is the first of a series of food products they plan on developing under the umbrella of Pungo Grilling Sauce LLC.

Why the name ‘Molina’ Salsa?

When embarking on this project we did our research on salsa. One of the more interesting stories we found was how the term salsa actually came to be.

The abridged version: In the early 1500s, Alonso De Molina was born in Spain. At a young age his parents moved his family to Mexico. Through living in both of these places while growing up, Alonso became fluent in both Spanish and the Mexican language of Nahuatl.

As he grew older, Alonso dedicated his time to rigorous study and ministry to the people of his homeland. He drafted many books, some of which are still in print today. The most famous of those works is, Vocabulario Castellano Mexicano y Mexicano Cristiana, which was a dictionary that translated both Spanish-to-Nahuatl and Nahuatl-to-Spanish. In this work he coined the term salsa, which is still used by people all over the world today.

Where can I get Molina Salsa?

As this point, the product is only being carried in Virginia Beach, VA locations (see them here), but we have every intention of expanding to additional markets as we grow. Like us on Facebook here and keep up with us as we expand. In the meantime you can also order the product by emailing us here.

Tell me about the health factors…

Molina Salsa contains fresh ingredients and has no preservatives. The product contains only 10 calories per serving and is fat free. Molina Salsa is also gluten-free.

How good is it?

Really, really good.